OPSC Prelims Agriculture Syllabus

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013
Agriculture, Its Importance In National Economy. Factors Determining Agroecological Zones And Geographic Distribution Of Crop Plants.Importance Of CropPlants, Cultural Practices For Cereal, Pulses, Oilseed, Fibre, Sugar, Tuber And Fodder Crops.

Crop Rotation, Multiple And Relay Cropping, Intercropping And Mixed Cropping. Dryfaming Techniques. Organic Farming. Soil As A Medium Of Plant Growth And Its Composition,Mineral And Organic Constituents Of The Soil And Their Role In Crop Production; Chemical,Physical And Biological Properties Of Soils. Essential Plant Nutrients - Their Functions, Occurrence, Cycling In Soils. Soil Fertility And Its Evaluation For Judicious Fertilizer Use.

Organic Manures And Bio-Fertilizers, Inorganic Fertilizers, Integrated Nutrient Management.

Principles Of Plant Physiology - Plant Nutrition, Absorption, Translocation And Metabolism Of Nutrients. Diagnosis Of Nutrient Deficiencies And Their Amelioration,Photosynthesis, Respiration, Growth And Development. Plant Growth Regulators. Cell AndCell Organells. Cell Division And Reproductive Cycle. Principles Of Genetics, Geneinteraction,Sex Determination, Linkage And Recombination, Mutation, Extra ChromosomalInheritance, Polyploidy. Origin And Domestication Of Crop Plants. Biodiversity - GeneticResources Conservation And Utilization. Genetic Basis Of Plant Breeding - PurelineSelection, Mass Selection, Male Sterility And Incompatibility And Their Use In PlantBreeding. Pedigree And Back-Cross Methods Of Selection. Heterosis And Its Exploitation.

Genetic Engineering. Development Of Hybrids, Composites And Synthetics. Important Varieties, Hybrids, Composites And Synthetics Of Major Crops. Seeds And Seed-ProductionTechniques.

Important Fruit And Vegetable Crops Of India. Method Of Propagation–Sexual And Asexual. Package And Practices Of Fruits And Vegetables. Crop Rotation, Intercropping, Companion Crops, Role Of Fruits And Vegetables In Human Nutrition. Post-Harvest Handling And Processing Of Fruits And Vegetables. Landscaping And Ornamental Horticulture, Commercial Floriculture. Medicinal And Aromatic Plants. High-Tech Horticulture.

Pests And Diseases Affecting Major Crops. Principles Of Control Of Crop Pests AndDiseases. Integrated Pest Management. Use And Maintenance Of Plant ProtectionEquipments. Mushroom Cultivation And Bee Keeping.

Principles Of Economics As Applied To Agriculture. Farm Planning And OptimumResource–Use Efficiency And Maximization Of Income And Employment. Farm Systems AndTheir Spatial Distribution, Their Significant Role In Regional Economic Development.Intellectual Property Right In Agriculture.
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