OPSC Pre Exam Syllabus : Psychology

Updated on: Apr 18, 2013
1. Basic Concepts : Meaning, Scope And Significance; Public And Private Administration; Evolution Of The Discipline; Comparative Public Administration; Development Administration; New Public Administration; New Public Management Perspective.
2. Principles Of Organisation : Hierarchy, Unity Of Command, Span Of Control, Authority And Responsibility, Coordination, Supervision, Centralisation And Decentralisation, Delegation.
3. Theories Of Organisation : Classical Theory, Scientific Management Theory, Bureaucratic Theory, Human Relations Theory, Behavioural Approach, Systems Approach.
4. Administrative Behaviour : Leadership, Policy Formulation, Decision Making, Communication, Motivation, Morale.
5. Accountability And Control : Concepts; Legislative, Executive And Judicial Control Over Administration; Citizen And Administration; Civil Society, People's Participation, Right To Information.
6. Comparative Administrative Systems : Usa, Uk, France: Features, Recruitment, Training, Promotion.
7. Personnel Administration In India: Recruitment To All India And Central Services, Training, Promotion; Union Public Service Commission.
8. Financial Administration: Budget – Concept, Formulation, Execution; Accounts; Audit; Comptroller And Auditor General Of India.
9. Central And State Administration In India: Features Of Indian Constitution; President, Prime Minister And Council Of Ministers, Central Secretariat, Cabinet Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office, Planning Commission, Finance Commission, Election Commission; Governor, Chief Minister, State Secretariat, Directorate, District Administration.
10. Local Government: Evolution; 73rd And 74th Constitutional Amendment Acts., Rural And Urban Local Governments In Orissa – Structures, Functions, Finances, Problems And Prospects.

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